Hot, Wet, Dirty, Hard – I Digg It

Are we old enough for this?

Are we old enough for this?

In April, I found out I was six weeks pregnant. Unexpected, but very exciting. As I basked in the nauseating euphoria of my first trimester, I couldn’t help but feel a wee bit of disappointment. Spring had sprung, meaning training season as a Pacific Northwester had begun. However, this year, as I carefully incubated my offspring, I realized that my “training” would consist of leisurely laps in the pool, slow rides in the hood and gentle walks through the forest. Absent from my life would be intense swims, quad-killing hill rides, sweat-inducing stair climbs and oh so extreme trail runs.  For someone like me, the change in lifestyle was bittersweet.

About a month ago, I came across an amazing blog by a woman named Susan who subscribes to my mantra; Life.In Balance.Sort Of. So, so true!

I scrolled through her posts laughing at her dry humour and feeling inspired by her obviously determined approach to life. She’s a working professional, mom of two and an athlete (though she would probably never describe herself as one – she is). Three attributes I have an immense amount of respect for. As I’m chuckling and scrolling, I come across the title: Hot, Wet, Dirty, Hard. Did that get my attention? Um, yes. Four adjectives that, when strung together, are very intriguing. I read the post. I Digged the post.

Olympic Triathlon, 2011

Here’s why: She was describing her recent experience completing a gruelling race. During the race, she was hot, she was wet, she got dirty and it was hard. Wow, did I love living through her words! I could relate to the mixed bag of racing indignities and once again laughed and felt totally inspired. I won’t being be competing in any triathlons this year. My body has a much more important project in the works, but reading blogs like Susan’s, help me stay in the game.

Pregnancy is not an excuse for lethargy. Maintaining a healthy level of fitness has numerous pre and post-natal benefits (see 33 Reasons to Exercise Now), and at seven and a half months pregnant, I still enjoy being outdoors and getting my heart rate up. I do miss the physical intensity of training for a race, but reading about it will definitely do – for now.

My question to you is: With the rainy season upon us, what inspires you to still get out, get wet and get dirty?