To Blog or Not to Blog?

To blog or not to blog? That is the question. My answer? An enthusiastic YES! Blog well, blog often my friends.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a personal choice and for organizations encouraging prospects, clients, readers or users to adopt healthy habits, blogging puts a human “face”  to their brand. No one wants to listen to corporate speak when it comes to our everyday lifestyle choices. We want to hear from a real person, so we can relate to their advice on a personal level. How can companies meet this need? Blogging!

Here’s why blogs are beneficial: Blog Cloud

Share Expertise. Blogs shouldn’t always be about you and your brand, but rather a platform to position yourself and the organization you represent as an expert in your field. Become a valuable resource of information by reporting trends, posting articles and expressing your opinion. Essentially, blogs are an effective vehicle to give readers the best of the information available.

Build Trust. People can be skeptical of information they find on the internet. A blog with consistent, truthful and helpful content allows you to build trust between your brand and target audience. Here are some tips: clean design, correct spelling and grammar, warm, high quality photo of author, detailed content updated regularly and a community presence (interactivity between you and readers).

Grow Organically. It’s simple – active blogging drives more traffic to your site. When people find informative and useful content, they are more likely to engage with your brand and come back for more. Post regularly and you will notice an overall increase in site traffic. The more valuable content you have on your blog, the more likely you are going to have something that a reader wants.

For example: Let’s say you are a company that focuses on all things running (clinics, footwear, apparel, etc.) and I am someone who wants to run a marathon and needs exercises to do to assist in my goal.  I may do a search for “exercises for marathon runners” and if your blog pops up, it lends to your credibility. The next week, I search “eating before running” and again you show up. I may decide to stop by your store or spend more time checking out your website. At the very least, you are becoming my resource on running. 

What do you think? To blog or not to blog?


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