Best Health Magazine: Thumbs up!

Looking for a great resource for health tips, exercise ideas and delicious recipes? Look no further than Best Health Magazine! This Canadian publication has it all and that’s their Best Health Magazineselling point. It’s geared toward women (sorry guys!) and is a one stop shop for everything you need to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. They even have a section on maintaining healthy finances, authored by  local Vancouverite Katie Dunsworth.

Some highlights from this month’s issue:

Holiday Gift Guide (so thorough, so good)

Ten Ways to Get Happier

The Fab Four (awesome at home workout)

Pad Thai Chicken Recipe (yum!)

Consider picking up their latest issue or ask for a subscription for Christmas (1 year, 8 issues, only $16.97).  That’s how I got hooked last year – thanks hubby!

More of an online reader? Check out their website or Facebook Fan Page. I especially enjoy the Best Health Facebook Page. Content is posted 2-3 times per day and provides fresh information that’s not featured in their current issue. They’ve developed a solid community of close to 31,000 fans and user engagement is strong. Each post has a visual attached, averages 16 “likes” and anywhere from 2 to 25 comments. Best Health Facebook PageAs a social media marketer, it’s a level of interaction I admire! They use great tactics to keep their audience involved in the page by posting fill in the blank statements and interesting questions. One area in which they could improve upon is their responsiveness to comments. Why not join the conservation? They’ve established a great community and I wish Best Health would comment or at least say thank you once in awhile to users for engaging with the page.

Overall, their Facebook presence is light, fun and relevant to their target audience – people like us! What do you think? Have I convinced you to “like” Best Health Magazine?


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