Who is laura jane?

laura janeHow to describe my social media personality? To be most effective, I thought I would break out some poetic prose to properly articulate the persona that is laura jane.



nabashedly honest


musing…I hope!


a nother a?



I hope to communicate through my blog with a down to earth, relatable voice. Our lifestyle choices are personal and I believe taking a more personable approach to writing will help my readers feel more comfortable listening, engaging and sharing in this online community.

I enjoy the social media campaign of the publication Fit Pregnancy. The tone is light and informative, and as a member of their audience, I feel comfortable and motivated to share my thoughts with their online community. They post content that can only be found through their social media channels, they post frequently and they offer contests and giveaways exclusive to their fans and followers. They have successfully built a strong social media presence by coming across as fun, knowledgeable and appreciative of their following. I hope to send the same message to my readers!

What three adjectives would you use to describe yourself?


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