Who is laura jane?

laura janeHow to describe my social media personality? To be most effective, I thought I would break out some poetic prose to properly articulate the persona that is laura jane.



nabashedly honest


musing…I hope!


a nother a?



I hope to communicate through my blog with a down to earth, relatable voice. Our lifestyle choices are personal and I believe taking a more personable approach to writing will help my readers feel more comfortable listening, engaging and sharing in this online community.

I enjoy the social media campaign of the publication Fit Pregnancy. The tone is light and informative, and as a member of their audience, I feel comfortable and motivated to share my thoughts with their online community. They post content that can only be found through their social media channels, they post frequently and they offer contests and giveaways exclusive to their fans and followers. They have successfully built a strong social media presence by coming across as fun, knowledgeable and appreciative of their following. I hope to send the same message to my readers!

What three adjectives would you use to describe yourself?

Our Bodies in the Media – Tactless Transparency?

There is intense pressure on women, and increasingly men, to be thin, fit and beautiful. Are you feeling the pressure? I am. I always considered myself well above the inane vanity of the media machine, but it seems we are inundated more and more with images and content that puts even the most hardy self-image to the test. Twitter and Facebook have become literal meccas for bikini pictures and status updates detailing the minutiae of people’s lives. I have always avoided Cosmo and similar-type magazines for their unrealistic expectations of women’s bodies, sex lives and careers, but it’s challenging to avoid the same messages through social media.

My questions to you are:

  1. Is too much sharing on social media adding to unattainable standards of beauty?
  2. If so, how does this translate to organizations and publications established to promote healthy living?

Are we creating a culture tactless transparency?

Bikini and a Cheeseburger

“Just killed back to back spin classes. Eating a salad dreaming of a cheeseburger. #PopStarsDontEat #BornThisWay.” – Lady Gaga

Social media has become a popular tool for organizations to promote their message for the simple fact that people trust real people. Personally, I appreciate feeling connected to the voice of an organization, but do I need to know that the Fitness Editor of a major healthy living publication is bloated from eating too many salted nuts? Probably not.

I recently read a blog post What does Being Transparent Mean? by one of my favourite experts on social media, John Haydon. He made an excellent point, “transparency is about your fans, not you.” Even within the casual framework of social media, information should still be presented articulately, professionally and definitely within the bounds social propriety.

The point is: when searching for information online regarding healthy living, always consider the source. Determine for yourself whether the information is a tactless over-share catering the the narcissism of one poster or real, relevant fact that could realistically help you reach you goals.

My recommendation this week: www.alive.com

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Fit & HealthyWelcome to my blog! Here I will share tips, articles, news and the latest trends to help you live a fitter, healthier lifestyle. Life is about balance and learning how to make the right choices for you and your family.

I am not an athlete or a dieter. What I am is someone just like you. I work full-time, have a lovely family and enjoy spending time with my girlfriends. Healthy living is not my life, it is my lifestyle.

Stay focused on yourself and let me search the web to find the most up to date and reliable sources of health and fitness information. Share this blog with anyone you think may be interested and  join me in my quest to build healthy, vibrant communities.

I have only one request: I want to hear from you! This blog will also be a forum to discuss hot topics related healthy living. Please share your opinions and post questions, comments and your own tips for staying fit and healthy.

Thanks for reading!

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